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Viñetas subversivas. La experiencia estética de la historieta en Alack Sinner (1975-1986) de José Muñoz y Carlos Sampayo

Thèse par Turnes - Pablo
Sous la direction de Vazquez, Laura - Gené, Marcela
Masters in Argentine and Latinamerican Art History2011- Instituto de Altos Estudios Sociales/Universidad Nacional de San Martín (IDAES/UNSAM)
Buenos Aires- Argentina

Through and from reading Alack Sinner, by Jose Muñoz and Carlos Sampayo, we can trace the intersection of, on the one hand, the post-historical evolution of comics as a language and as a medium, as well as the reformulation of the circulation of images and their social reappropriation. And finally, the material inscription of the authors’ life experience in their work, from their exile, their shared experiences and their political positions.

mots-clés : Alack Sinner ; José Muñoz ; Carlos Sampayo ; Comics ; Popular cartography ; Exile ; Carrier, David ; Danto, Arthur ; Eco, Umberto ; Gombrich, Ernst ; Masotta, Oscar ; Steimberg, Oscar

Using a theoretical framework consisting of specific studies in the field of comics, cultural sociology, art history and philosophy, we propose to generate an approach based on concepts which treat the object of study and the comics language. The integral reading of the work allows the analysis of comics language in its specificity and its relation to the capacity of a massive object from popular culture to convey its own authorial values, as well as a reconstruction of the same popular background that responds to. Comics, from their original post-historical dimension would understand pop culture as a way of life and conservation strategy for a common memory confronted to the obsolescent logic of cultural commodities.

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