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the project

The impetus behind the creation of the Comics Studies portal was a request by scholars and specialists of comics for a research tool that would bring together the increasing number of online resources available in the field. They also wanted the members of the community to be able to connect and communicate with each other through the same interface. La Cité de la bande dessinée et de l’image has been collaborating with the Bibliothèque nationale de France as an associated pole (pôle associé) in the area of comics since 1984. It is also a research library and clearinghouse for documentation and scholarship on comics. La Cité therefore responded to these needs by developing the portal.

the research portal of neuvièmeart 2.0

It is an information and communication platform for scholars, students and specialists in the field of Comics. Related domains are also represented here : Press Cartoons, Humorous Cartoons, Caricature, Video Games and Animation.

The portal aggregates information from academic journals and a number of specialized journals and blogs selected by the scholarly consultative committee (see below). Here one can find references to the open access digital articles published from November 2012 to the present. Dissertations and theses published online, here at Neuvième Art and at Thè, are listed as well.
Aiming to provide a comprehensive access to the electronic resources available online, the portal also provides links to :
• catalogs of specialized librairies and documentation centers in France and around the world
• academic search engines and databases
• image databases
• websites listing summaries of paper journals

For the most up-to-date information about the research world (calls for papers, symposia, workshops, book reviews and lists of new publications) one is referred to Les carnets de la bande dessinée.
A final, additional feature of the portal, is that any member of the community may use a form to submit references to new publications (one’s own works as well as articles by others) and share reflections or questions with other members in the forum.
If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact the Centre de documentation de la Cité.

the scientific committee

Benoît Berthou, Maître de conférences (Paris XIII), founder of Comicalités
Gilles Ciment, Director of La Cité
Catherine Ferreyrolle, Head of la Bibliothèque de la Cité
Thierry Groensteen, Chargé de mission at la Cité, editor of neuvièmeart 2.0
Mark McKinney, Professor (Miami University, Ohio) and co-founder of European Comic Art
Thierry Smolderen, Associate Professor (Éesi)
Catherine Ternaux, in charge of le Centre de documentation de la Cité

the tool development team

conception: Elodie Arroyo, Catherine Ternaux
IT: Alexandra Joubert
administration: Catherine Ternaux
graphics: Valérie Desnouël