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is there such a thing as european comics ?

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Comics have been emerging and evolving across Europe since the start of the 20th century, but it was in French, under the term bande dessinée or “BD,” that these creations started taking more and more space in the cultural landscape, alongside American comics and Japanese manga. Where do things stand now ? Do “European” comics exist today ? Is it possible to define a kind of “European” comics ? These were the questions asked of an international panel of experts and professionals during this year’s Angoulême Comics Festival. Europe Comics invited Thierry Smolderen (Gypsy, Ghost Money), Thomas Ragon (Dargaud, France), Klaus Schikowski (Carlsen Comics, Germany), Pawel Timofiejuk (Timof Comics, Poland), Paul Gravett (Graphic Novels : Everything You Need to Know, 1001 Comics You Must Read Before You Die), Mike Kennedy (Lion Forge, USA) and Matteo Stefanelli (Napoli Comic Con, Italy) to discuss.
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